How Do You Treat Your Challenging Fibroid Patients?

Consider Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

At Fibroid Institute Texas, we understand that for many women with uterine fibroids a hysterectomy or myomectomy is the recommended treatment. Obstetricians and gynecologists, family physicians and health care practitioners who manage women’s health issues often advise for these surgeries. More than 600,000 hysterectomies and 30,000 myomectomies are performed in the U.S. annually. However, we also know that hysterectomy or myomectomy is not the right fit for all women in every case.

How do you best care for your challenging fibroid cases? Or women who have symptomatic fibroids but are not a good surgical candidate?

Meet the following criteria:

  • Are suffering from symptomatic fibroids
  • Are not a viable surgical candidate
  • Have had multiple previous surgeries
  • Have scarring from endometriosis
  • Represent a technically-challenging case (example: refuse blood products, have too many fibroids to resect, difficult surgical approach due to fibroid location, etc.)
  • Need reduced time away from work/family, must avoid a longer recovery
  • Want to keep their uterus and avoid surgery
  • Want to stop fibroid pain, bleeding and other symptoms
  • Are not seeking fertility
  • Keep coming back with symptoms

We understand your patients’ medical, surgical, and reproductive histories—as well as personal wishes—all play a role in determining the best fibroid treatment. If you don’t currently have an alternative for these patients, please consider recommending Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

Refer a Patient for UFE with Fibroid Institute Texas

Fibroid Institute Texas

How We Treat Your Fibroid Patients with UFE

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a highly effective non-surgical treatment option for women with symptomatic uterine fibroids who are not candidates for a hysterectomy or myomectomy. UFE allows a woman to keep her uterus. During the procedure a small catheter is inserted into the radial artery and then advanced to the uterine arteries. Next, small particles are injected to block blood flow to the fibroid tumors, causing them to shrink and die.

Benefits of UFE for Patients

Alternative to surgery; No scarring

No hospital stay; No intubation

Shorter recovery period, 7 days in most cases

Fibroid symptoms improve dramatically

Avoids side effects of hormone therapies

Pregnancy possible, with caveat of UFE miscarriage rates

Request More Information for Providers

For more details on partnering with our specialists, request information or visit with our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Stacey West.

Why Refer to Fibroid Institute?

Our Founder and Medical Director Dr. Suzanne Slonim understands what it’s like to run a demanding medical practice. She makes it easy for you to partner with Fibroid Institute Dallas. With our specialized team, you can feel confident your patients are treated as you would treat them yourself.

Benefits of UFE for Referring Providers

Easy 3-step process for your patients:
1) Consult – 2) MRI – 3) UFE

Easy 2-step process for you:
1) Email or fax referral
2) Give patient a brochure

Fibroid Institute calls your patient to schedule the consultation

Fibroid Institute handles MRI orders

Our doctors handle all patient pain management

You receive updates:
1) Patient scheduled
2) UFE completed
3) Follow up completed

Patient is tracked; contact Fibroid Institute at any time for status

High success rate: Patients return with little to no symptoms

No loss of your patients to competitors. You continue routine medical care

Refer a Patient for UFE with Fibroid Institute Texas

Dr. Suzanne Slonim created Fibroid Institute with your fibroid patient in mind. She has developed a specific algorithm in how the institute treats patients, so they have a high success rate with minimal discomfort. Board-certified interventional radiologists, Drs. Slonim, Fischer and Chan have collectively performed more than 40,000 procedures, with a combined 35+ years of experience.

Our doctors:

  • Provide the consultation and orders imaging, if needed.
  • Offer patients an in-office procedure, under 1 hour. Patients go home same day.
  • Fibroid Institute does all patient prep. They know how to prepare and what is expected.
  • Give their mobile phone number to every patient and are available 24/7.
  • Communicate with patient’s doctor on anything critical.
  • Manage all post-procedure pain after UFE.
  • Handle all follow-ups: 1 week, 1 month and 4 months after UFE.
  • After the 4-month follow-up, patient is released back to referring physician.

Practitioners who refer patients to Fibroid Institute have been very happy.

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Meet Our Doctors and the Fibroid Team

Call Fibroid Institute today to schedule a session with our VP of Marketing and Business Development Stacey West. You will receive an in-person visit about the benefits of UFE for your patients as well as a physician packet with additional information for you and your patients. This includes patient supplies, brochures, FAQs, referral information, and more. 

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