Our Mission & Vision

Fibroid Institute Dallas has an unwavering commitment to provide patient-centered care to every woman that walks through our doors. We are here to support you through your unique journey toward better health with kindness and understanding.

Empowering women to live fibroid free by working with gynecologists to identify the best fibroid treatment for every patient we serve. 
I treat every patient as if she is my sister or mother. I’m honored that women are willing to share their concerns with me.
—Dr. Suzanne Slonim
Now women are able to take charge of their healthcare. They can find out online that hysterectomy is not their only option.
—Dr. Suzanne Slonim
To be a nationwide advocate for alternative fibroid treatment, providing hope to women looking for relief without surgery.

To learn how we meet our mission and see our vision fulfilled to live fibroid free in Dallas and all of North Texas, hear from a few of our patients:

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