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Effective, safe, non-surgical fibroid treatment

Are you one of the many women told your only fibroid treatment options are hysterectomy or fibroid removal surgery? Our fibroid clinic empowers women to enjoy life free from fibroids without losing their uterus. Fibroid Institute Dallas specializes in Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), the gold standard in non-surgical fibroid treatment. Our board-certified fibroid doctors have helped thousands of women in North Texas live their best lives without fibroid symptoms.

Experience UFE at Fibroid Institute Dallas

  • Over 90% success rate in eliminating symptoms
  • Patient centered care
  • Fibroid doctors who consistently earn 5-star reviews
  • Covered by most medical insurances
  • Recover in only 7-10 days without a required hospital stay
  • No incision, just a tiny nick in the wrist
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If you’re ready to stop suffering from uterine fibroid pain and symptoms, and you’re searching for the best fibroid treatment clinic in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, schedule a consultation today. Trust our top-rated fibroid doctors at Fibroid Institute Dallas to help you on your journey to become #FibroidFree.  

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