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Case Study: Jasmine

Jasmine, a 44-year-old Black woman, faced debilitating and life-changing symptoms from her uterine fibroids. Her symptoms included heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged periods that lasted 2 weeks, and passing clots that led her to use Depends or a full box of sanitary pads each day. Because of the heavy blood loss, Jasmine experienced extreme anemia that landed her in the hospital. She had become so weak she needed a blood transfusion, which she had also needed a few years earlier. At that time, she had been diagnosed with fibroids and was told she needed a hysterectomy to resolve her symptoms.

Those are frightening words for any woman to hear. Jasmine was worried, not just because of the thought of surgery, but because she was unable to take time off work. The idea of not being treated; however, was just as daunting. In addition to the heavy bleeding, she also had painful cramps with her periods, pelvic pressure and back pain that was only getting worse.

Jasmine finally decided she had suffered enough and wanted to find a viable treatment option for her uterine fibroids. That is when she found Dallas fibroid specialist Dr. Suzanne Slonim and Fibroid Institute Dallas. She was tearful during her first visit as she was unsure that she could afford treatment for her fibroids. She had four children and no intention to get pregnant again.

After evaluating Jasmine’s personal and medical history, Dr. Slonim recommended Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) as the best treatment option. Jasmine was happy to learn that we could perform the procedure in our office and that she could go home the same day, reducing costs, the risk of complications and recovery time. Furthermore, her health insurance covered the UFE procedure which made this treatment option affordable to her.  For the first time Jasmine sensed hope.

After Dr. Slonim completed the procedure, Jasmine’s symptoms slowly began to improve. At her last follow-up visit 4 months post UFE, her menstrual flow was down to 5 days, she was no longer passing clots, her pelvic pressure and back pain were gone, and her menstrual cramps were much improved.

Two years after her UFE treatment at the Fibroid Institute, she hasn’t needed another blood transfusion, she’s no longer anemic, and she has no need to wear Depends again. Jasmine is grateful to have her health and life back.

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