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Fibroid Institute
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 24 reviews
 by Quyen Tran
Good experience!

Dr. Slonim and her staff have given me exceptional experience. They gave the plan to fix my issue in the least complication. The process was smoothly, no pain. you will be able to walk after the procedure but resting period is encouraged, because I didn't take it seriously ( I was cleaning house, hanging out with friends since I felt great), so my body got extreme exhausted after that 2 days.

I wish I have found them earlier, I wouldn't have struggled so much last 2 years. They are easily to reach out when you have any questions before, during and even after the procedure. I am now healthy person, no pain in my period, my belly is flatter, no anemia, no fatigue, no blood transfusion. I can go shopping or outdoor activities all day long without getting dizzy and trouble of breathing.

Thank you for the 5-star review, Quyen! We are so happy you're feeling better. Sharing your experience helps other women; we appreciate that you took the time to write one.

 by Japan Brazil (Kayra)
I’m fibroid free!!! Thanks to Dr. Slonim!!!

The first time I had heard about this procedure and read Dr. Slonim’s brochure on this, I was a little skeptical due to lack of knowledge (so I set on it for about a year). But after talking to Dr. Slonim and her nurse in person where they explained everything in detail, I felt so much more comfortable and was sure this was the procedure I needed. Little did I know that this procedure would actually make me fibroid free! See my fibroids were gigantic, basically my uterus was the size of a 20-week pregnancy. So, I was just hoping that my fibroids would shrink to 50% of its size and then do a hysterectomy. But after this procedure performed by Dr. Slonim, I’m fibroid free and able to enjoy a normal life. No more heavy periods, frequent urination or anemia and I got to keep my uterus!!! There is HOPE! All the wonderful things that people says about Dr. Slonim is so true! I’ve experienced it all. She is very kind and dedicated! I actually had to call her on Thanksgiving as well as on New Year’s Day and she responded promptly both times! She also checked on me periodically, not her nurse or her staff, which was a nice surprise and even contacted my OBGYN directly as needed to ensure I had the appropriate support during the holidays! That’s how much she cares about her patients! I’m very grateful for Dr. Slonim and all that she does to help women like myself to be fibroid free without surgery! If you are going through something similar ... don’t hesitate, Dr. Slonim is the best! Thank you so much Dr. Slonim and all of your team, from the bottom of my heart!

We appreciate you sharing your journey with the community Kayra! Thank you for the 5-star review. Most importantly we are so happy that you're feeling better after UFE.

 by Michelle Davis
Anemia, pain, excessive bleeding, exhaustion and bloating are gone!

After suffering for months and several consultations suggesting major surgery, I found the Fibroid Institute! After three days I was up and feeling great! I haven’t had a single issue and I’m very happy with the outcome! An easy and quick procedure and I was back at home. Anemia, pain, excessive bleeding, exhaustion and bloating are gone! The staff there is fantastic.

Hello Michelle, thank you for the 5-star review! We're pleased you're doing so well.

 by Ness Anderson
Helped me get my life back!!!

I was looking for a help getting my life back. Dealing with fibroids disrupted my health, social life and career. I was reading all the reviews here and was impressed with the wonderful things women were saying. Now I am living this wonderful experience for myself with the staff and this doctor. I have never been cared by a health professional this way. My procedure is in a few days and I’m actually super excited to get it done. I am well informed and have all the support of pre and post procedure information ahead of time. There is an undeniable feeling of confidence I am in good hands. Do yourself a favor and let the Fibroid Institute Dallas help you.

Update: 10/2/20. Completed the UFE procedure this morning. Everyone who was a part of my medical care for the procedure exceeded my expectations in every way, especially Codi and Fabiola. I am walking without discomfort- totally pain free and so happy I trusted Dr Slonim and her team to help me get my life back!!!

Update: 12 Days after procedure. I was able to walk and climb stairs with no discomfort the day of procedure and since. My recovery has been relatively pain free. The bloated stomach I’ve been carrying for 3 years has reduced from looking 9 months pregnant to almost no bloating. Very excited to report I finally had a normal light period with no cramping, additionally no longer anemic. I was able to start doing light cardio two days ago without any discomfort. I literally have my life back and I finally feel hormonal balance.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, Ness! We are delighted that you have chosen Dr. Slonim and rated Fibroid Institute Dallas as 5-star. We strive to provide that level of care for you and all our patients. We look forward to seeing you soon for your procedure. Dr. Slonim will be here to support you before, during and after.

 by Heather
Great Procedure

Dr. Slonim is the most professional & helpful doctor I’ve ever seen! She is very detailed and very easy to talk to. Her staff members are very nice and helpful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Slonim! Also, I would recommend the UFE procedure with Dr. Slonim. It has been a week since I have my UFE procedure and I noticed a huge difference.

Thank you so much for this 5-star review, Heather. We really appreciate you as a patient and helping to share about Dr. Slonim and UFE with others. We’re here for you anytime.”

 by Lakeshia
Dr. Slonim is Phenomenal

I had gone to Dr. Slonim for heavy periods, also longer than usual cycles chronic cramping, constipation and constant pain around the clock nonstop. Fibroids was controlling my life immensely; to the point I had to get an IUD because I was anemic. I literally thought I would have to have an hysterectomy at 42 yrs of age. I wasn’t prepared for that yet. I heard of Dr. Slonim through an acquaintance I met in college. Before this I had never heard of a treatment called UFE. I was astonished when I discovered this new non-invasive way of treating fibroids and keeping my uterus.

Nevertheless, I met with Dr. Slonim around January or February of this year. She was kind and she really listened to me about the problems I had been dealing with for over 6 yrs. What made her phenomenal was: her putting my mind at ease and making me feel special and that I was in good hands. She continue to ensure me things would get better. I walked out of her office fighting back tears because I knew she had to be God sent.

To make a long story short I got the treatment in April of this year and all of my symptoms subsided substantially over a period of time. Pain is nonexistent, my period isn’t as heavy as before, My anemia is under control and I have shorter periods. Throughout the process after surgery Dr. Slonim never left my side. Each time I called and texted her she was there to ensure me that everything is going to be fine. I never felt so cared for by a doctor and I just can’t thank her enough for her patience and understanding. Until this day I can always call Dr. Slonim or text her and she still makes me feel like her job is to take care of me. This is what makes her phenomenal.

God bless you Dr. Slonim

Dear Lakeshia: Knowing that you had a 5-Star experience with Dr. Slonim and Fibroid Institute Dallas warms our hearts, especially after all you went through. Your review helps other women having similar experiences, so thank you for sharing. We are delighted that you are feeling much better after your UFE.

 by Sara Kerens
Back to Living

I spent two years dealing with debilitating menstrual bleeding due to fibroids, which led to severe anemia. This landed me in the ER on the brink of a stroke because of how little blood I had left in my body. I had an initial surgery with a different doctor that failed to take care of the fibroids, and was put on medication that only made my bleeding worse. I consulted with a surgeon to have a hysterectomy, as I thought that was my only option. After realizing one of the fibroids was so large that I would have to endure the most invasive type of hysterectomy, I was referred to the Fibroid Institute. When I found Dr. Slonim, I was desperate to have a solution to get me healthy again. After my consultation, I was finally hopeful, and scheduled the procedure for later that week. Everything went really well, and it was highly successful. It has been six months since the surgery, and my period is now minor and an after thought. I went from having extremely heavy 6-10 week long periods to 4 days. I have my life back. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Slonim.

Hi Sara, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are so delighted that you are feeling and doing so much better now after UFE. We appreciate your rating of Dr. Slonim and Fibroid Institute as 5-star. Best wishes always!

 by Svetlana Panchenko
Great experience!

I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and was so happy and grateful to Dr. Slonim for helping me !! Very professional and caring staff.!! Many many thanks!!!😊

Thank you for the kind review, Svetlana! We’re so happy your experience with Dr. Slonim and the fibroid team went well.

 by Makena Brogdon
Relieved My Backpain

I had fibroids for many years & my Gyno was tracking them ever year by doing a sonogram. My Dr knew I didn’t want to have a hysterectomy so she referred me to Dr. Slonim for a UFE. The office staff was very informative & eased any concerns I had regarding the procedure. After the procedure I virtually didn’t have any back pain nor any other symptoms! Dr. Slonim is an excellent & caring Doctor as when she reviewed my MRI for this procedure & she noticed I had 2 bad hips & since then I just completed my 1st hip replacement & will do the other one soon. I appreciated her unbiased opinion regarding my other medical issues. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone having fibroid symptoms. The post-op procedures may seem daunting at 1st but they give you specific instructions & they are not bad & easy to follow. This procedure was a life saver for me!

Hi Makena, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are delighted that you gave Fibroid Institute Dallas and Dr. Suzanne Slonim 5 stars as we strive to provide that level of care for all our patients. We are so happy your UFE was a success and you are feeling better with less pain. Best wishes always.

 by Constance Brown
Living Fibroid Free

I was very heartbroken when I found out that I was suffering from fibroids at the age of 29. My doctor told me that I should have a full hysterectomy. I didn’t want to take that risk at my age. I started to google different doctors who actually specializes in just fibroids. Dr. Slonim name pulled up first during my search. I called and scheduled my consultation and meet with Esther and she reviewed the different options with me a very sweet and humbled lady. I then came back to the office a second time and meet with Dr. Slonim and she went over my MRI and the she let me pick the option I wanted and she agreed. She did my surgery and now I’m living fibroid free. It was the best thing I’ve could’ve done, I highly recommend Dr. Slonim and her team.

Thank you Constance for your wonderful review. We appreciate you sharing your personal experience for others to see and spread the word about Dr. Slonim and UFE. We are so happy that you are feeling and doing better now that you are fibroid free!

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