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Fibroid Institute Dallas
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Robynne Rembecki on Fibroid Institute Dallas

I did not go through UFE with Dr. Slonim, however, she spent a great deal of time explaining my situation with me and my husband. Dr. Slonim was very thorough and went over my MRI with great detail. She helped us make an informed decision that was best for my specific situation. Dr. Slonim was 100% correct with her recommendations and we are very thankful for her guidance. She is a very giving and compassionate physician. Even though I did not go through UFE, I would highly recommend Dr. Slonim to any woman who is considering this procedure!

Thank you for taking the time to write a candid review, Robynne. Your review shows Dr. Slonim's dedication to helping women on their uterine fibroid journey, and finding the optimal solution for each patient. We wish you the best!

by S. Phillips on Fibroid Institute Dallas
So Happy!

I've suffered with fibroids for decades... heavy bleeding, horrible cramps and back pain had become the norm for me. My OB tried to convince me that my only course of action was a hysterectomy, but I wasn't ready to part with my "womanhood". So when I found out about Dr. Slonim and fibroid embolization, I was excited! Since having my surgery, my cycles are shorter and lighter and my cramps are minimal. I wish I had done it sooner!

Thank you for the wonderful review. Sharing your experience helps other women; we appreciate that you took the time to write one. We are so happy that you are feeling better.

by Julie on Fibroid Institute Dallas
Excellent Care

My fibroids were literally killing me. I was bleeding so heavily that I had to get regular blood transfusions after every period because I would nearly bleed to death. My anemia was so severe that my vital organs were losing oxygen and I started trying to make peace with having a hysterectomy (I'm only in my 30's!) because my pain was so excruciating and I didn't want to die. In a last ditch effort to avoid it, I got a second opinion from a new gyno who immediately referred me to Dr. Slonim to see if I was a candidate for UFE (my old gyno didn't even tell me about this procedure!) and from the moment I walked in, Dr. Slonim and the staff went above and beyond what I'd normally expect from my healthcare providers. They worked with me to get my surgery done before my insurance plan was due to reset (saving me a lot of money), they did their absolute best to book it on a day I'd prefer, successfully. The nurses called to check up on me before surgery (4AM!) and Dr. Slonim personally called me after surgery (over the weekend) to check up on me and even called in prescriptions for me because some of the meds were a bit much for me (I am a small person who is easily prone to nausea, most people do much better though). I can't sing Dr. Slonim and her staff enough praises! They actually saved my life! Exceptional service, I wish all my doctors were like this!

Julie, we are so honored by your review, thank you! We are very pleased that you are doing and feeling better. Dr. Slonim and team will always do our upmost to give you the best care. We appreciate you!

by Melecia Simpson on Fibroid Institute Dallas
The best decision you'll ever make!

Imagine waking up at midnight due to unbearable pain. How about leaving home in the middle of the work day due to soiled clothes? If you've experienced this or any other embarrassing and painful situations due to uterine fibroids, you need to be treated by Dr. Slonim. I was first diagnosed with uterine fibroids at age 30, and hysterectomy was not a viable option because of my age. 7 years later, I could not imagine being "out of commission" for a long time and the invasiveness of a hysterectomy. I walked into Dr. Slonim's office and after my initial consultation, felt at peace with doing the UFE. Dr Slonim is one of the most professional and caring physicians I have ever met, and I say this wholeheartedly as a med school dropout. She goes the extra mile for her patients and will answer any and all questions and allay any fears you have. She even gave me her cell number and responded quickly to any concerns I had, big or small. Thanks a million for what you do Doc!

Dear Melecia: Dr. Slonim and the entire team here appreciates your review greatly. Sharing your experience can help other patients in a similar situation. We value you and will continue to do the upmost to improve quality of life. We are so happy to hear we've helped you!

by M.K.Jo on Fibroid Institute Dallas
Kind supportive experience

I’ve never had such a kind supportive experience as I’ve had with Dr.Slonim. All I was hearing for my situation from gynecologist was surgery was needed. I was terrified of surgery and not only did she tell me I didn’t need it she I was very through with explaining the whole process. She made me feel so important, comforted my anxiety down and was with me every step of the way before, during and after the procedure as well. For me and my family. No matter what she was available to answer questions promptly. I’ve never had a doctor be to kind and thoughtful in my life. This experience has been such a blessing. Even my health has improved tremendously. I honestly can say it’s because if Dr.Slonim that I can live a better live than I had been for so long. I can’t thank her enough. 🌹

by Shelia R. on Fibroid Institute Dallas
Did not want hysterectomy

I am so thankful I found Dr. Suzanne Slonim!! I am 57 and I did not want to get a hysterectomy. So I did some research and choose to do UFE. It has changed my life!! The staff that works with her are so caring and friendly! The office staff worked with me also. If you have fibroids, please check with Dr. Slonim and see what she can do for you! Amazing staff!!!

by Melissa L. on Fibroid Institute Dallas
Beyond pleased

Dr. Slonim is an amazing doctor and specialist in her field of managing fibroids without invasive surgery!! I felt very informed and highly cared for by Dr. Slonim and her staff. I'm beyond pleased with the procedure which was virtually pain free and I have no scars - not one! It has been a month and I'm already experiencing positive results. Am so happy to have found Dr. Slonim.

by Pamela F. on Fibroid Institute Dallas
The absolute best!!

Dr Slonim was the absolute best!!!! The office staff made me feel very comfortable and secure in their hands!

by Corey C. on Fibroid Institute Dallas
Super skilled doctors

Super Skilled Doctors who really care about people in general, before and beyond when they become their patient. Awesome facility and super friendly staff!

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