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Andree LoveAndree Love
18:28 15 Jul 23
Great doctor! Very competent, kind and knowledgeable,absolutely recommended!I'm updating on my experience:I gpt my procedure done by Dr Slonim and her team, personally I have never met such a great doctor! She has a great personality, she relays to her patients on a personal level! After the procedure I experience very little pain with the help of the pain medecine. It was done fast, I feel great already! I can confidently say this is the best place to treat your fibroids! The doctor is a real professional competent doctor! Don't hesitate to go there!Regards Dr Slonim! Thank you so much!Blandine(Andree love)😂❤️❤️❤️
Valerie RobertsValerie Roberts
15:57 15 Jul 23
Wow! Exceptional care! I have valued every aspect of my experience with this healthcare institution. This administration, nursing, practitioners and doctors have gone over beyond putting me at ease. I highly recommend!
Crissa SiglCrissa Sigl
15:38 24 Jun 23
I had a great experience at the Fibroid Institute. I appreciate how thorough and easy to talk to all the nurses were and also Dr. Reddy. I was nervous going in and felt much more at ease after talking with the anesthesiologist and doctor. From my initial phone call to the consult, procedure, and post procedure, they are there with you every step of the way. I'm just a day after my procedure and already got a text from the doctor this morning on a Saturday! If you're thinking about doing this, I highly recommend Fibroid Institute--top notch on all levels.
Eunice NicholsEunice Nichols
23:42 02 Jun 23
Dr. Slonim and her team made me feel very at ease and took very good care of me.Since my surgery, Esther has been great with my follow ups.I feel 100% better since having the procedure as well!!!!
Ifedi OnyimaIfedi Onyima
13:19 30 Apr 23
The Fibroid Institute Dallas was a great experience. The Nurses, and Dr's were very friendly and nice. Every process was well explained before the procedure. I thank Dr Slonim and crew for the job well done. I sure will refer people who have my kind of issue to you-, I am now going through the recovery process and I hope all
SN GraySN Gray
18:59 16 Jun 23
Dr. Fischer and his team are amazing. He made sure I thoroughly understood my options, and was patient and kind about my questions and nervousness. This was one of the most organized, calm, and thoughtful healthcare experiences I have ever had. Highly recommend!
Trina GuerreroTrina Guerrero
17:14 19 May 23
I had an awesome experience at Fibroid Institute Houston! Everyone was very welcoming, had great professionalism, very communicative, patient and knowledgeable. They all handled me with lots of love and care and that made me appreciate them even more! Dr. Fischer was amazing and I wish he could be my regular doctor! I highly recommend anyone who is in need of treatment to go to Fibroid Institute Houston. You will be taken great care of by the entire FIH team. Thank you all!
camoi musgrovecamoi musgrove
18:18 17 May 23
Dr. Fisher is very communicative and welcoming. He ensures his patients are educated on the procedure and comfortable with moving forward. It’s a rare and refreshing experience to have a doctor patient experience such as this one. You know you’re in good hands when the doctor talks in depth with you
Elnara AbyasovaElnara Abyasova
01:00 13 May 23
I recently underwent fibroid treatment at Fibroid Institute Katy, and I am thrilled with the results. The staff was incredibly friendly, compassionate , and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable and reassured throughout the entire process. Dr. Fischer is amazing! He is truly an expert in his field and cares about his patients. I was provided all the necessary information before the procedure and they explained the process to me in detail. I highly recommend Fibroid Institute to anyone seeking fibroid treatment.
Cidnii WoodsCidnii Woods
17:13 29 Apr 23
Such an amazing experience! The staff was awesome m! They know how to take the edge off. Everyone has a great personality. The procedure was everything I needed it to be. I’m seeing results already. Dr. Fischer is the absolute best. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.
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