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Dr. Suzanne Slonim Quoted by NBC DFW Channel 5 for Fibroid Awareness Month

In recognition of July as Uterine Fibroid Awareness month in Texas, our very own Dr. Suzanne Slonim, medical director and founder of Fibroid Institute Texas, was quoted by NBC DFW Channel 5 in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex on July 17, 2023.

A large number of women experience uterine fibroids, but only a small portion of them receive proper diagnosis and essential healthcare. Doctors attribute this to numerous factors such as a lack of awareness, reluctance among women to discuss it openly, and financial difficulties.

The Barbara Jordan Leadership Institute, in collaboration with the City of Dallas, corporate, and nonprofit partners, will be hosting an upcoming Self-Care Fair in Dallas. This event aims to empower women with valuable knowledge so that they no longer have to endure their struggles in silence. It is designed to raise awareness and offer educational resources about this significant health concern.

“Black women are most common, 80% of black women have fibroids,” Dr. Suzanne Slonim said during the interview. “White women it’s about 50-60%. Hispanics are in between that and Asians are less than white women. Only about 20% are symptomatic. Not all need to be treated, but the point is to treat them before the fibroids become a big problem.”

According to Dr. Slonim, an important aspect is to recognize that uterine fibroids can be treated. Together with other doctors involved in the event, she aspires to motivate women to consult their gynecologist and inquire about undergoing an updated screening for uterine fibroids, as well as explore the most effective treatment choices to ensure their well-being.

“It’s a multifactorial problem starting from just the community that someone grows up in and the things that they have access to, to the medical situations that start differently in some communities than in others,” Dr. Slonim said.

To learn more, visit TxFAM.org.

To watch the news clip at NBC DFW, visit: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/dallas-hosts-free-self-care-fair-for-texas-fibroid-awareness-month/3297145/

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