Avoid hysterectomy Carmela's story

Carmela* Decided to Avoid Hysterectomy for Fibroids Removal

“I always had to stuff my purse with lots of pads, just in case.”

When women with uterine fibroids first come to Fibroid Institute Dallas and learn about UFE, they are often relieved to learn there are options to avoid hysterectomy.

One of our patients with severe fibroid symptoms, Carmela, did not want to remove her uterus. However, her doctor recommended hysterectomy for fibroids removal. Because she wanted to avoid hysterectomy and find an alternate non-invasive treatment, Carmela began researching online. She found myomectomy, which is surgical fibroids removal while preserving the uterus. However, because of the long recovery period required by a surgical procedure, and her hope to avoid surgery in any form, she continued with additional research that led her to UFE and Fibroid Institute Dallas.

Carmela’s Journey to Healing and Recovery

After an ultrasound that showed fibroids, Carmela knew she needed fibroid treatment. She had been suffering with fibroid symptoms for 10 years, and they were getting progressively worse. Her periods were heavy and long. She often passed blood clots, too. Carmela said she was using 7 pads each day! She also felt pelvic pain, experienced constipation, and faced urinary frequency and urgency. On top of that, her ankles swelled, and she required iron supplementation.

Carmela felt that fibroids kept her from being around friends and family. She avoided going on trips and traveling long distances. Carmela confesses, “I always had to stuff my purse with lots of pads, just in case.”

Fibroids affect three out of four women, usually between the ages of 35 and 54. Fibroid tumors are benign, but still may cause life-altering symptoms, like those Carmela endured. Women of African American ancestry and women with a family history of fibroids are more likely to be affected.

Carmela made an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Slonim, medical director and founder of Fibroid Institute Dallas. She wanted to learn more about her fibroids, have her questions answered, and see if she qualified as a candidate for the UFE procedure. Her top priority was to get relief from fibroid symptoms and avoid hysterectomy. After a thorough examination and MRI that showed one large and a few smaller fibroids, Carmela scheduled her UFE.  

Before choosing fibroids removal surgery…

Call 214-838-6440 to learn about the non-surgical fibroid treatment UFE.

UFE Enables Women to Avoid Hysterectomy

Fibroid Institute Dallas has the most advanced safety equipment and technology required for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. Dr. Slonim can perform the procedure in an office setting instead of in a hospital. During the procedure, she makes a tiny puncture in your left wrist where she inserts a small catheter into your artery. Using X-ray guidance to locate the uterine arteries and vessels that supply blood to fibroids, she injects small particles into the vessels. These block blood flow to fibroids, causing them to shrink and die.

Since it is non-surgical with no incision, the UFE procedure has less risk and a much shorter recovery time than a traditional fibroid surgery like hysterectomy. The patient gets relief from fibroid symptoms while keeping her uterus. For patients concerned about pain during recovery, Dr. Slonim developed a unique approach to pain management that significantly reduces discomfort as fibroids shrink.

Benefits of UFE for fibroid patients include:

  • Uterus is spared
  • Recovery time only 7-10 days versus 4-6 weeks for surgery
  • No abdominal (belly) incision
  • In-office procedure instead of hospital stay
  • Tiny wrist puncture, no need for vaginal access
  • Procedure typically takes less than an hour
  • No blood loss
  • Less risk than fibroid surgery
  • No scarring
  • Avoids side effects of hormone therapies typically used to treat fibroids
  • Fibroid symptoms improve dramatically
  • Covered by most major insurance policies

Avoid hysterectomy with minimally invasive UFE to treat fibroid symptoms

To learn more call 214-838-6440.

After UFE, Carmela said her procedure went well. She was home the same day to begin her recovery. Carmela praised the team at Fibroid Institute Dallas by sharing, “The staff is amazing. They make you feel you’re not alone.” Dr. Slonim and the fibroid team supplied her with support, after care directions, medications, and even Dr. Slonim’s personal cell phone number.

Like Carmela, You Can Be Living Fibroid Free

Two months after UFE at her follow up appointment Carmela reported feeling great! Her periods became lighter and shorter, lasting only 3 to 4 days. The cramping and urinary urgency had been resolved. She no longer felt constipated or bloated, and her ankle swelling reduced. Over time, as Carmela’s fibroids continue to shrink, she will experience a reduction in symptoms. Carmela said she was so happy to see family and friends, go places and enjoy outings again. She announced that she “still can’t believe I don’t have to stuff my purse with pads!”

Carmela recommends UFE for anyone who wants to avoid hysterectomy and get fibroid treatment without invasive surgery. Carmela believes she made a good choice because, “I can go places and enjoy outings.” She plans to find a new gynecologist who is open to fibroid treatment options other than hysterectomy and refers patients to practices like Fibroid Institute Dallas. Even though she didn’t get information about UFE through her doctor, Carmela is elated that researching online led her to avoid hysterectomy. She found Dr. Slonim, the #1 most experienced doctor in North Texas for UFE.

Do you suffer from fibroid symptoms like Carmela? If you want to avoid hysterectomy but still get relief from painful, heavy periods, schedule a consultation with Dr. Suzanne Slonim at Fibroid Institute Dallas. Highly rated with 5-star reviews, Dr. Suzanne Slonim is highly specialized in fibroids and Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). An award-winning North Texas fibroids doctor, Dr. Slonim has performed over 30,000 procedures in 25+ years. She was voted Best Doctor in D Magazine, honored with the Dallas Business Journal’s Women in Business Award, and listed in Super Doctors by Texas Monthly.

In-office appointments or telehealth appointments are available. We serve the entire DFW area with our locations in Dallas and Duncanville. Like Carmela, join the thousands of women who have been treated by Fibroid Institute Dallas and are now living #FibroidFree! Call 214-838-6440 or complete the form below.

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